18.21 BYOB

I created a microsite for 18.21 Bitters to increase their sales and customer retention.

Themes: Information Architecture, Interaction Design

Team: Myself

Tools: Airtable, Figma

Timeline: 2 Weeks

Everyone loves cocktails, so why are we losing customers?

Creating cocktails should be fun, and it should be done in style! While we can’t come into your home to make them, we have the next best thing. 

At 18.21 BYOB we sell vintage barware and accessories so you can recreate the fabulous drinks you learned in our classes from the comfort of home.

Primary customer: Laura


  • Simple layout, clear choices

  • Fair prices and flexible shipping options

  • A record of past purchases

  • Suggestions based on past purchases

  • Understanding the difficulty level of products

Pain Points 

  • Overwhelmed by choices

  • Finding unfamiliar products

  • Indistinct product categories

  • Having to remember payment details

  • Having no person to talk to