UX Designer. Storyteller. Superhero.

Work Experience 

Currently I lead the UX design and research at my own freelance firm. I have helped clients improve their website usability and information findability.  Previously I worked as a UX Designer for Sunnyland Farms working to reform their checkout interface and brand consistency.

Before that, I worked as a Social Worker at Grady Memorial Hospital using my background in psychology to help people solve complex life problems. 

I decided to transition from Social Work to UX Design because they’re very similar. I love working to determine the right problems to solve and then creating solutions for them. 

In my free time

I love all things geek (well mostly). I’m a HUGE fan of everything Marvel and I love Blizzard games (particularly Hearthstone and Overwatch). I am a Whovian (Doctor Who Fan) and I will have lively debates with you about which doctor is the best. 

I live in Atlanta and will spend my time with my wife walking in the park, going to vineyards, or frequenting one of the many delicious breweries we have. If I’m not outside, I’m usually glued to my phone or computer, designing something fun or playing a video game to “self-care”. 

If you like my work feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or call me so we can get a tea or coffee and discuss it further!