Atlanta Family Therapy Redesign

I researched important information for clients searching for a therapist, and made that information easier to find. 

Themes: Information Architecture

Tools: Figma, Google Sheets, WordPress

Timeline: 2 weeks

Counseling for everyone in Atlanta

Atlanta Family Therapy is a private practice for a local Atlanta therapist. He initially built the practice with the hopes of expanding and so much of the website felt “incomplete.” 

Are patients choosing us?

While picking the right therapist depends on a number of variables, users showed they wanted several key bits of information before choosing one. 

The Problem

Clients were looking for key information that they could not readily find. This lead to them giving up and looking for a new therapist. 


I conducted surveys and interviews. I completed a heuristic analysis of the website and there were several key findings. Clients wanted  key information: insurance accepted, prices, location, and skills the therapist has

My GP had asked if I had found a therapist yet, so I looked through my insurance portal and I wondered, 'How often do they update this?' But I wanted to do it through insurance because otherwise it's too expensive.


Cost and [their] techniques were important, but really the most important thing was price and affordability. I also wanted someone that was licensed.


I want to make sure I'm not paying too much, so why not see if it's covered. If they didn't take it I would have thought 'this sucks' but if they had offered sliding scale that would have been fine.


That [insurance website] was my primary way of finding someone. If they didn't take it, I probably would have gone to find someone else. I'd be open to going if it was affordable, but I didn't know what it would cost.


Market Research

I asked my client to give me a list of who he considers competitors. We examined their sites, saw how they solved the problem of presenting the same information. We found multiple examples of things we wanted to emulate on his site. 


Proposed Designs

My client had designed and maintained his site using WordPress. I wasn’t familiar with it so I learned how to use WordPress so I could make the live changes for him. I created these pages in an alternate site so that he could see the proposed changes before adopting these designs. 

Final Designs

My client loved the designs. With further collaboration and some minor edits we were able to create something that fit his vision for the site. 

Final Services Page


Prominently Displayed Information

My client didn’t want the home page too cluttered. So, information on insurance, pricing, location, and types of services are all consolidated on the services page. 

Updated Navigation

Global navigation was updated to make finding important information easier. 

Reduced Page Clutter

Multiple pages were removed due to lack of information on them, or they were redundant. 

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