Atlanta History Center

I worked with a team of four on improving ticket sales and information findability. 

Themes: Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Mobile Responsive

Tools: Google Docs, Figma, Sketch

Timeline: 2 Weeks

Another Rainy Atlanta Day?
Come to the Museum

In the list of Atlanta attractions, most people think of the aquarium, college football hall of fame, or the world of coke. They hardly ever think about the museum. 

How Might We Improve Attendence?

One of the main issues the history center faces is that many Atlantians don’t know about it. While marketing can do a lot, having a solid online presence is crucial. My team focused on making the most important information available for users, and made purchasing tickets much easier. 

Meeting our User

Tracy is a 39 year old event planner that lives in Atlanta. She wants to show her nephews the museum when they visit. 

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