Shop Roam United

I conducted a heuristic evaluation to identify and address basic website usability issues. 

Themes: Information Architecture, Copywriting, Visual Layout

Tools: Shopify, Google Sheets

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Clothing with A Purpose

Roam United was created to sell custom designed clothing with a fraction of each purchase donated to help care for the American Bison. 

Unfortunately Sales Are Low

A heuristic evaluation revealed that there were numerous small usability issues which could affect user’s ability to purchase items. 

The Problem

A heuristic evaluation revealed issues with 4 of the 10 usability heuristics: Visibility of System Status, Language, Consistency, Aesthetics and Minimalism. 

Visibility of System Status

The most glaring error was that when users would add an item to the cart, the cart icon in the header would not immediately update. 


There were several terms such as “LFH Bison”, “Dark Heather”, and “Shoulder-to-shoulder taping” that users would be unfamiliar with.

Consistency & Standards

Particularly with the footer, terms used were not the same as what a user would expect. 

Aesthetics & Minimalism

Almost every page had an issue with too much copy, issues with missing images, excessive navigation choices, poorly colored links. 

The main reason for not creating any wireframes or mockups was my concern about whether it was possible to recreate the designs in the Shopify system. So I learned how to make the changes directly in Shopify. 












↑ 5%

In Sales over the following 6 months

↑ 44%

In website traffic the following 6 months

Immediate Feedback

Users now have have an immediate feedback response from the website to let them know their action “add to cart” was completed successfully. 

Improved Navigation

Users do not have to wonder what each label means, they are written in plainly for easier understanding. 

Links That Pop

Newly adjusted color of links within pages has made it easier for users to navigate to important items. 

Minimalism that is truly minimal

Shortened product copy allows users to focus on what is important. All extra information has been moved to the sizing guide. 

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